Ivaylo Saraliyski

New Bulgarian University


Title of research project

The symbols in Tarot and their transformation in contemporary art

Research area(s)

Visual Arts, History, Heritage Studies

This study explores the fusion of Tarot symbolism, psychology, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in algorithmic card reading. Analyzing Tarot’s intricate symbols and archetypes through a psychological lens, the research establishes a foundation for understanding the profound impact of Tarot readings on individual perceptions. The core focus is the development of AI algorithms that blend Tarot symbolism with machine learning, offering dynamic and personalized insights. Interdisciplinary collaboration between mysticism enthusiasts, psychologists, and AI specialists aims to create a holistic perspective on self-discovery. The study envisions a future where AI-driven Tarot readings serve as a tool for introspection, guidance, and personal development, contributing to the discourse on ancient wisdom and technological innovation.