ERUA Open Science Meet-Up: Pitfalls of Open Access and How to Handle Them

On January 25th, between 14.00 and 14.45 (CET), the next ERUA Open Science Meet-Up will take place on Zoom. The topic is: Pitfalls of Open Access and How to Handle Them

The Open Access movement has gained significant momentum in recent years. More and more academics publish their papers Open Access; in fact, in some countries and disciplines, Open Access has become the quasi-standard. However, there are some things – like untrustworthy publishers and journals – that ought to be borne in mind before deciding on where and how to publish Open Access. In this meet-up, Dr. Stanislav Bogdanov, Chief Assistant Professor at the New Bulgarian University’s English Studies Department will present some of these pitfalls and provide hands-on solutions. After the presentation, everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions and to discuss the topic in greater detail. Members of all ERUA universities – and beyond – are invited. No registration required.


Further information and link to Zoom room:

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