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Joint statement of the 41 Alliances

Joint statement of the 41 Alliances (as of October 2023) on a sustainable investment pathway for European Universities

European Universities Alliances are fully committed to making the initiative a success in the long term

European University Alliances welcome the new EU Commissioner Iliana Ivanova and the support she expressed for the European Universities’ Initiative. They are looking forward to working with her and her team. All the alliances are committed to the values of European education and are eager to continue this success story and to further realise the full potential of European Universities. As recently showcased at the II Forum of Alliances in Barcelona on 14 and 15 September, many exciting innovations, impressive developments and fruitful collaborations are already taking place. More information about the achievements so far can be found across the communication channels of the Alliances and the European Universities.

As the Vice-President of the European Commission Margiritis Schinas stated in Barcelona, the European Universities initiative is not a project, but a long-term transformational process. In this context, the European Universities Alliances highlighted last year their need for sustainable and holistic support. This should combine resources from both the EU and Member states to ensure a more systematic, structural and sustainable cooperation across Europe and to unfold the full multi-mission transformation potential of the European Universities Initiative beyond the current Erasmus+ based funding model, which extends until 2028/29. We, the European University Alliances, would like to thank the European Commission for the opportunities offered and for the open debate that has been launched over the future investment pathway for European Universities.[1]

[1] Individual alliances share more detailed feedback according to the background documents for the investment pathway, provided by DG EAC, in cooperation with DG RTD, including concrete input on the R&I needs of alliances.

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