Academic ERUA conference: Why do we need universities?

Join us at Roskilde University October 11th-12th to discuss, engage and exchange thoughts and ideas on the future of universities. The ERUA summit 2023 is this year invites all interested researchers, teachers, students and practitioners FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD interested in higher education to the ERUA summit.

The European Reform University Alliance (ERUA) was founded on a shared vision of universities as creative and experimental spaces and the critical function of the modern university in shaping more just, open, and inclusive societies. The conference investigates the role of alternative and experimental forms of higher education and research in a time of challenges: expanded student populations, technological disruption, the emergence of a global market of higher education, and the growth of social inequality and anti-scientific sentiment. We ask: How do –- and how should – these challenges reconfigure the role of the university in the world? Why do we need universities today?

The conference will address this question by focusing on three themes: 1) universities and internationalization, 2) challenges to teaching, and 3) responsible research.


We have invited 3 researchers involved in the field to give keynotes:

  • Professor P.K. Shajahan from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India
  • Professor Susan Wright from the Danish school of Education, Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Assoc. Professor Laura Horn, Dep. of Social Science and Business, Denmark

 The conference is part of the annual ERUA summit. The summit is divided into a two-day academic conference (11th-12th of October), student manifesto writing workshop (13th of October) and a day for internal Alliance meetings (13th of October, by invitation only).

Please read much more about the academic conference and sign up here: and feel free to share in your network”.

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