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Critical Thinking Workshop
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Critical Thinking is one of the many aspects that unite us as ERUA universities. In a workshop to be held in Konstanz in September, we want to provide an opportunity to share our different views on how to promote Critical Thinking as a key competence in studying and teaching.

We will address our respective views on the concept of Critical Thinking, present course curricula and didactic approaches, and exchange ideas and best practices.

We invite teaching staff and academic support staff to join the workshop with a contribution i.e. dealing with the following issues:

  •  The role of Critical Thinking in higher education
  •  Presenting specific Critical Thinking courses
  •  Approaches to promoting Critical Thinking in discipline-specific courses or in student training & staff development

If you would like to participate in the workshop and network further within ERUA on the topic of Critical Thinking, please get in contact with for more information.

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