5th Workshop for Early Career Researchers (ECRs): “Entrepreneurship in Science & Arts”

5th Workshop for Early Career Researchers (ECRs): “Entrepreneurship in Science & Arts” 

ERUA-WP2: Reimagining Higher Education and Research

17-19 May 2023, Chios island, University of the Aegean, Business School – Michaleio Building

The general aim of the workshops for early career researchers is “to present project ideas for collaborative and/or interdisciplinary research projects or projects that strengthen the links between the research profiles of the Alliance and receive feedback from experienced PIs and research development units.” 

This workshop is a three-day event, aiming at the development and mentoring of Ph.D. students and post-doctoral researchers, from all disciplines, whose interest focuses on Scientific Entrepreneurship. It is open to early career researchers, who are thinking about translating their research into commercial innovation, now or in the future, or be in a start-up, or in a social enterprise, or industry/SME collaboration. It also allows for building a network of peers coming from various backgrounds, institutions, disciplines and countries. It offers training/coaching and provides an opportunity for interaction amongst senior and early career researchers, introducing the practicalities and mindset needed to be successful in developing their innovation efforts.

Read more at: https://erua-eui.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/5th-workshop-RSG_Entr.Science-Arts_Program_Agenda.pdf

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