2nd Digital Escape Meeting

2nd Digital Escape Meeting

24-26 May 2023, Chios island, University of the Aegean

After the fruitful completion of the Digital Escape Meeting on Syros island last year, the 2nd Digital Escape Meeting has been scheduled to take place on Chios island from the 24th to the 26th of May 2023, at the premises of the School of Business, Department of Business Administration, University of the Aegean. The two-day workshop is organized under the initiative of the 1st Flagship Initiative “Digital Reform in ERUA”- Task 5.1 “Developing and adopting common digital tools for connectivity”. The primary goal of this meeting is the integration of the ERUA HEIs IT authentication systems.

The objective of the meeting is the implementation of the first pilot case of ERUA-iD.  This decentralized identity model allows students to use their ERUA Identity to authenticate themselves and access ERUA services through BloomHub. Additionally, the meeting will involve discussions on integrating ERUA-iD with various ERUA platforms, reviewing the University Alliances Cluster objectives achieved in the context of the EBSI – Early Adopters Programme Wave 3, and setting the Trust framework for the pilot cases.

The working sessions at the meeting will facilitate collaboration on ERUA & EBSI Pilot cases, Open Collaborative space, ERUA research portal VIVO, and Bloom Hub integration.

View the agenda at: https://erua-eui.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/ERUA_WP_DigitalEscapeMeeting_-Chios_24_26_May_23_-Agenda.pdf

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