3rd ERUA Exiles 2.0 Seminar

3rd ERUA Exiles 2.0 Seminar, University of the Aegean, May 10-12, 2023

Following the successful collaboration between P8, RUC and the University of the Aegean within the WP2 Activity for Innovative Joint Initiatives in Teaching & Learning in 2022, Exiles 2.0 was launched in 2023, with three seminars hosted by each university, focusing once more on the refugee communities and their social reception.

The groups of students, academics and researchers worked in P8 on the issue of the reception of refugee or asylum-seeking children, and more specifically, on the issue of hospitality. In RUC, they focused on different types of social vulnerability, more extensively on vulnerability caused by
ethnicity/race, class and gender. In Lesvos, they will focus on the communities that served as receptors during the period of the refugee crisis on the island, looking closer at Moria, Molyvos and Mytilene.

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