Introducing our students. Meet Frida.

Frida Valles Kirkegaard obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Science Studies from Roskilde University, where she pursued an interdisciplinary program that included several semesters of Computer Science. When the time came to select her master’s degree, Frida explored other universities before ultimately deciding to continue her studies at Roskilde University. As a current master’s student in Philosophy and Science Studies, Frida appreciated the university’s focus on interdisciplinarity, which she believed was crucial given that many topics cannot be confined to a single discipline. Moreover, Roskilde University’s emphasis on real-world projects each semester enabled students to apply theory to practice, thereby strengthening their areas of interest.

Frida’s involvement in the ERUA Student Group provided her with a unique opportunity to collaborate with students from the five ERUA universities on various projects. One of her initial tasks was to survey the bachelor’s and master’s degrees offered at different universities and identify any comparable programs. As she continued to work with ERUA, she found it increasingly compelling to learn about and engage with the other universities. Above all, the highlight of her experience was being part of a dynamic and accomplished student group that allowed her to meet many remarkable individuals.


ERUA Research Group Workshop, September 2021:

“My participation in the Research Group Workshop for WP2, held at Roskilde University in September 2021, marked my first physical event as part of the ERUA project. As a member of the student group, I co-delivered a presentation and engaged in discussions with other attendees. I found the experience immensely rewarding, particularly the opportunity to meet my colleagues and especially the student group in person after months of online interaction.”


Digital Transformation of Research and Practice in Reform Universities: Past, Present and Future, September 2022:

“I also attended a summit hosted by NBU from September 8th to 10th, 2022, titled “Digital Transformation of Research and Practice in Reform Universities: Past, Present, and Future.” Given my interdisciplinary background, I was particularly interested in the theme of digital transformation and how universities are adapting to the digital age. The summit was especially noteworthy since it featured presentations from individuals outside of the ERUA project, which contributed to a broader and more enriching discussion on reform universities and ERUA’s role in this context.

Unfortunately, I am no longer a member of the ERUA team as my academic commitments have become more demanding. Nonetheless, I will always cherish the valuable experience and skills that I gained during my time with ERUA, and I will undoubtedly carry them with me throughout my professional career. Furthermore, I remain deeply appreciative of the dedicated individuals who are committed to turning ERUA into a reality, and I will always remember them with the utmost respect and gratitude.”

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