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Introducing our students. Meet Francesco.

Hey everyone,
my name is @francescoiorianni, I’m 25 years old and currently in the last semester of my Master’s in literary studies at the University of Konstanz.

In connection with a seminar on literature and human rights at my home university, I was given, together with about 20 other participants, the opportunity to go on an excursion to Greece with the ERUA program.

The trip started on March 5th in Athens and continued until March 11th at the Laboratory of Practical Philosophy which is situated on the island of Rhodos. There we meet researchers of the University of the Aegean and worked together on an exhibition project already started in Germany. During the excursion, we could work on our own papers and ideas but also discover the island for ourselves. I shared the accommodation in Rhodos with six wonderful people with whom I became very close throughout the trip.

Therefore, it has not only been enriching on a scientific level but has also led to new friendships.

I am glad to have participated once again in a Traveling Seminar with ERUA and I will keep this trip very close to my heart.



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