Open Science Spotlight: free research materials at a click

The University of Konstanz opens the treasure chest of research: Its new online section – the Open Science Spotlight (OSS) – presents free and open data, texts as well as educational resources published by the university’s researchers and lecturers.

Are you looking for free learning materials or texts because you want to expand your knowledge in your spare time? Are you a journalist or researcher who would like to dive deeper into a topic and therefore need access to the original data? Or are you a doctoral researcher about to write your first paper and are searching for authentic examples of the peer review process? Then you should definitely browse through the University of Konstanz’s new Open Science Spotlight.

The OSS is available in an English and a German edition. Short features describe what kind of materials on which topic are freely available and contain direct links for downloads. Filter options on the home page make it easier to search for specific formats. Currently, selectable formats include different OA text formats (articles, books and entire journals), freely available datasets, software and code as well as open educational resources and open peer reviews.

A few examples:

  • The free data from a survey provide information on how people in Germany have been dealing with the social and political consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • A freely accessible platform with software applications allows the processing, analysis and display of complex animal movement data.
  • A video collection of over 200 physics lecture experiments explains physical principles. The material may be reused.

Contact: Daniel Schmidtke, Communications and Marketing, University of Konstanz


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