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Post-Digital Institution Design: University as Institution

Post-Digital Institution Design: University as Institution

1st Workshop, University of the Aegean, Syros Island

Dates: October 7-10, 2022


The project is a cooperation of Roskilde University, Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint Denis and the University of the Aegean, under the WP2 -Innovative Joint Initiatives in Teaching & Learning, and aims to uncover, concretize and visualize students’ visions for a university in a digital age, in order to enable an active dialogue between students and teachers, the past, present and future. It consists of a series of 3 joint workshops (in Greece, France, and Denmark), where students are invited to share, discuss and rethink the founding university missions and values, in relation to the digital and globalization era.

Aims of the project:

  • To discuss critically the possibilities and challenges of post-digitalization in relation to communication, social connectivity, relationships and student’s everyday life.
  • To reflect and confront critically the material, organizational, social and existential dimensions of post-digitalization
  • o explore, observe and experience the shifting of information, communication and collaboration protocols between the social participants (present ones and future ones) of the «University»
  • Rethinking the University design as «Institution» in the Post-Digital Era
  • Contributing to the Design of the Academic Institution in the Post-Digital Era

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