Open call: Research – external stakeholder collaboration
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As part of our work in Re:ERUA we build upon collaborative research ideas and practices by our colleagues within the Alliance. We therefore encourage you to get together with at least one other ERUA partner and showcase how you do research that involves collaboration with external stakeholders – from civil society, public sector, business sector and/ or citizens. No matter the topic of research, our focus is on learning from you in developing innovative collaborative research methodologies.


We invite you to suggest a small pilot research experiment or to invite an Alliance partner to join an already running research project focusing on social innovation and societal engagement.


Researchers of all levels of experience and from the entire Alliance are encouraged to apply.


One experiment will be selected to be conducted in the fall 2022, further two collaborative experiments will run in the spring 2023. In total three proposals will be selected. This call is directed the fall project. The aims of the collaborative experiments are to:

  1. explore sites of potential collaboration where new forms of responsible research focusing on societal engagement and innovation can take place.
  2. describe already pioneering projects of responsible research for RE:ERUA in order to potentially scale its methodologies to the entire alliance.

The methodologies and outcomes of the experiments and projects will be described and published in collaboration with the RE:ERUA research team at Roskilde University, supported by its Board members and Expert group researchers. Collaborative methods and collaboration with external stakeholders are the focus of this initiative, as we wish to increase knowledge about collaborative research methodologies in the alliance.


Funding :
In case of funding the applicants commit to engage in a reflexive and documented process facilitated by the WP3 team of how their project can be of value and inspiration to other projects in the Alliance. The WP3 team will visit the project – please suggest a suitable time for this in your application.

Available funding is €10,000 per project, covering transport for project participants, accommodation, and a symbolic payment to external partners participating in the project. The time frame of the project should take no longer than three weeks.

Timeframe :
Deadline for applications is the 29th of August at 12:00 CET 2022.

Please send the application no later than the 29th of August 2022 with a max of 3 pages, by using the template in the bottom of the call and send it as a PDF to Team leader Katia Dupret on


For more information (Application Template / Selection / Timeframe):

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