Call for applications Early career researchers workshop “Digitalization of research and Open science”
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Digitalization is currently probably the most significant technological trend for society and business. Moreover, digitization is constantly transforming the way we conduct research, providing researchers with additional opportunities to implement their creative ideas and to collaborate intensively with others around the world.

The purpose of the workshop is to facilitate exchange of experience between early-career researchers and senior researchers in the various areas of Open science and their potential benefits and the ways to utilize the opportunities provided by digitalization in terms of research formulation, publication, collaboration, and funding opportunities.

The starting point for the workshop will be to broadly identify the various aspects in which digitalization affects the way research is funded, conducted, and disseminated. Then the different features and areas of Open science will be defined and discussed – open access to publications and research data, open methodology, open peer review, open educational resources, science communication, etc., focusing on the potential benefits and risks for early-career researchers. A specific emphasis will be put on the possibilities that digitalization of research and open science provide in terms of collaboration and networking. Early-career researchers will be given the opportunity to present their ideas for the possible application of digital technology and Open science in their own research, as well as for collaboration. Early-career researchers will receive feedback and coaching from experience researchers and research support staff.

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