“Participating in and creating scientific networks” workshop for early-career researchers

A two-day workshop “Participating in and creating scientific networks” will be held virtually on March 23rd – 24th.  

The workshop is directed towards early-career researchers with motivation to develop international collaboration and research networks.

The purpose of the workshop is to facilitate exchange of experience in building international research networks between early-career researchers and senior researchers.
The starting point will be to develop international research networks within the context of ERUA member universities and identify subsequent opportunities for building research networks beyond ERUA. Research and accessing funding for research increasingly requires developing international research networks. Early-career researchers will be given the opportunity to present their research and ideas for research collaboration and receive feedback and coaching from experience researchers and research support staff.
This is the just the first of a series of workshops that will be taking place throughout the next 2 years and will cover a broad scope of topics ranging from the way networking works, through funding opportunities for collaborative research, to specific scientific areas in which the ERUA participants have common portfolios.

In order to ensure optimal interaction and dialogue between early-career researchers and senior researchers we have limited the workshop to 25 participants (5 from each University), so we would kindly ask you to apply by sending a short description of your research area and motivation for participating in the workshop (up to 1 page) no later than 28 February, 2022 to the representative at your University:


You can find more information on this workshop, as well as on the whole series of workshops in the attached invitation, as well as at this link.

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