ERUA Open Science Meet-Up: Performing Open Science

On May 23rd, between 14:00 and 14:45 (CET), the next ERUA Open Science Meet-Up will take place on Zoom. The topic is: Performing Open Science Open Science professionals oftentimes have a hard time being heard by a broader audience. In view of the researchers’ workload, this circumstance is understandable – but as it makes raising awareness of Open Science difficult, new approaches to communication are needed.

One potential method to reach a broader audience would be to convey information on Open Science as entertainingly as possible. In this meet-up, we will discuss to what extent and how the format of Science Slams can be a suitable opportunity to present aspects of Open Science. Along
these lines, Dr. Danny Flemming will share his experiences on performing (open) science on stage.

He will shed light on how he organises topics to make them understandable for a (lay) audience and how he prepares for„the stage“. We are eager to hear your thoughts on the performativity of Open Science. Members from all ERUA universities – and beyond – are invited. No registration is required.

Maximilian Heber , Team Open Science, University of Konstanz

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May 23 2023


14:00 - 14:45

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University of Konstanz
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