Krasimir Kostenarov, Assistant Professor, New Bulgarian University and Ekaterina Tzvetanova, Assistant Professor, NBU

Keywords: practical solutions; diverse stakeholders

TUdi is a Horizon 2020 project that aims to develop, upscale and popularize soil healing strategies in three major agricultural systems and farm typologies across Europe, China and New Zealand. The project will develop healthy and productive agricultural ecosystems, which are among the most challenging UN development goals for 2030, including zero hunger, no poverty, climate action and life on land.

In order to do this, TUdi relies on 15 research institutions and SMEs from all over the world, as well as a network of 42 cooperating stakeholder organizations and 66 long-term experiments and monitored farms in the participating countries.

The researchers envision societal engagement and impact as creating value for society – generating practical solutions which can benefit practitioners, even if it takes years. Notably, it is achieved through creating new sound methodologies, developing tools and software for practitioners and making them accessible charge-free. For example, one of the developed tools is a modeling tool to help practitioners with decision-making – assisting practitioners to deal with complexity that informs decisions beneficial for agriculture.

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