Andrea Lailach-Hennrich, Professor, University of Konstanz

Keywords: reflexivity

The project is an annual interdisciplinary workshop series on a range of topics such as survival, future, etc., held in changing locations that fit the workshop theme. The project sprang from Fulbright programme alumni network.

Andrea’s main focus of research within the field of political theory is the development of a theory of political experience. This includes the significance of social identities (gender, race and class) and the role of recognition for our self-concept as political beings. In particular, she is interested in how and in what way the mental faculty of imagination is relevant for political experience.

Andrea engages with philosophical methods – reading, thinking, arguing aiming for critical and analytical research to address everyday problems in their contexts. Hence, reflecting on societal engagement and impact in her research, Andrea shares that it is a part of being a philosopher to constantly question herself – is her research contribution amounting to something of value? Andrea recently started a podcast together with a student helper on questions of ethics and morality hosted by KU podcast 9B. Otherwise she works with typical academic channels: publications, conferences, colloquia. 

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