1st ERUA HackAThon 2023 Competition
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1st ERUA HackAThon 2023 Competition

ERUA Students and Young Citizens from the ERUA Regions

“Accelerating Aegean Islands: Entrepreneurial, Sustainable, Resilient, Creative & Multi, – inter, – trans-disciplinary Communities”


The University of the Aegean, partner of the ERUA Alliance is organizing the #1st ERUA HackAThon 2023, competition for ERUA students and young citizens from the ERUA regions aged, between 18-35 years old. For two days  19 ERUA students and young regional citizens work in teams, share experiences and ideas, giving inspiration and hope that the way we live and use our resources on the planet becomes smarter, sustainably beautiful and more creative.


3 Challenges

#Challenge 1: Green-Blue Entrepreneurship

#Challenge 2: Transform Blue Economy for a Sustainable Future

#Challenge 3: Creative & Multi, – inter, transdisciplinary Communities


Here you can find the Agenda: https://erua-eui.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/ERUAHackathon-Days-2023-_Agenda.pdf

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