Re-Imagining Campus


3 Flagships to connect and engage the 6 campuses in UAegean, the partners of ERUA and the ERUA Alliance with the outside word (stakeholders, partnerships, networks, etc).


Develop and Adopt Common Digital tools for connectivity (students, campuses, and outside word), using “ready to use” infrastructures, and open source ways for platforms and applications. Under the 1st Flagship are been connected all the digital activities for Digital Mobility, Creative Digital Partnerships and Sustained engagements with Regions and Societies.

Digital Outcomes:

  • 3 tools for Digital Mobility and Connectivity, and reports, guides and roadmap
  • 1 Digital Hub for students and young researchers in the fields of Design & Arts, Culture, Social and Circular entrepreneurship
  • 1 Digital Science & Art e-Gallery/events calendar
  • 1 Open Interregional Platform (the Alliance with regions, and societies)
  • Web applications for 2 Hackathons
  • E- science shops

2nd Flagship: “Aeiforia in Erua”

Goal: Enable Sustainable Synergies between ERUA partners, Local Societies and Regions for joint efforts to achieve greater impact and efficiency, designing models based on Quintuple Helix (natural environments of society and the economy as drivers for knowledge production and innovation). Under the 2nd Flagship are been connected all the sustained attention activities, for Sustainable Alliance and Sustained engagements with Regions and Societies.

“Aeifora” (Sustainable) Outcomes:

  • 2 Policy (1 commitment on SDGs and policy for 3Rs of waste)
  • Databases with SDG, regional and social 3stakeholders
  • Engagement plans and workshops(in campus and in societies)
  • 10 initiatives in Blue-Green Mobility and Transport and (3Rs) of waste
  • Alliance Knowledge Base (Innovation, Research, Technology, Education, creative learning, etc) under the concepts of “sustainability”, “sustainable development” or“ social ecology”
  • A model for joint entrepreneurial discovery process based on creativity and Quintuple Helix
  • 2 Region competitions – hackathons
  • 5 Local Contact Points as “Science Shops”
  • 5 Community-Based Participatory Research & Education projects

3rd Flagship: “Bauhaus in Erua”

Goal: Experience the New European Bauhaus movement, “the twin challenge of a green and digital transformation”, as a bridge between the world of science & technology & the world of art & culture, with a new Green Deal aesthetic, combining design & digital technologies (1st Flagship: “Digital Reform in Erua”) with sustainability (2nd Flagship: “Aeiforia in Erua” )

“Bauhaus” Outcomes:

  • 2 Databases of students, researchers and cultural stakeholders (museums, galleries, creative industries)
  • 2 Networks (Students& Researchers and Cultural stakeholders)
  • Cultural Ambassadors(1 per faculty)
  • Connected events, experiments, courses, digi-talks, with 1st Flagship: “Digital Reform in Erua” & 2nd Flagship: “Aeiforia in Erua” and other WPs


Elena Theodoropoulou

Academic Scientific Coordinator,

Vice Rector of Academic Affairs & Student Welfare


Eirini G. Papadopoulou

Senior Project Manager