Dr. Sofia Cavalcanti

University of Macerata


Title of research project

Democracy, Governance, Inclusiveness and Trust

Research area(s)

Museum and heritage studies; decolonization; indigenous heritage; human rights; inclusivity

The contemporary global landscape is confronted with a multitude of unprecedented social, economic, technological, environmental and geopolitical challenges. These topics could also be investigated through an examination of the role played by heritage in society through different international and national perspectives and value systems. Early studies focused primarily on political and historically defined national boundaries as the main context for creating heritage and forming identities. However , in recent decades, the field of museum and heritage studies has undergone significant growth
and diversification, with a focus on a wide range of societal issues. These issues comprise decolonisation, indigenous heritage, repatriation, conflict, contestation, ownership, community engagement, activism, human rights, accessibility, inclusivity, health and wellbeing. This expansion has engendered more nuanced understandings of what constitutes heritage for different groups and how they may attribute particular values to heritage and how this may contribute to fostering a more inclusive democratic context.
Expertise needed
Researchers who have completed their PhDs and are considered a recognised researcher, but are not yet fully independent; researchers who have developed a level of independence
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