The registration for internal alliance meetings at the summit has now opened

The ERUA summit 2023 registration has now opened!

This year the summit is divided into 3 events:

  1. An academic conference addressing the issue “Why Universities” (11th-12th). Researchers, teachers, students and practioners interested in the topic can sign up here:
  2. A student lead manifesto writing workshop (11th-13th): Students can apply here:
  3. A day dedicated to internal alliance meetings (Friday the 13th)

All presenters and participants for the internal alliance meetings Friday the 13th have now received a personal email invitation in their mailbox. It is important that you use this specific link if you are attending meetings on Friday the 13th.

The meetings scheduled: University Council, Re:ERUA Scientific Council, Board of Rectors, Executive Committee (joint ERUA+Re:ERUA), Re:ERUA Wp3, Re:ERUA Wp5 and the ERUA Advisory board.

The invitation list is based on the Nextcloud contact list. Please let us know if someone was not invited and needs an invite.

Please note that there will be a big reception party on Thursday evening the 12th of October. A celebration of ERUA1. So, schedule to arrive already on Thursday.”

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