Re:ERUA – An opportunity for new ideas and experimentation
The face-to-face meeting of the two expert groups for Re: ERUA took place on February 7 and 8, 2023, at the University of Konstanz. This meeting had the ambition to stimulate new approaches to research and innovation and promote experimentation on societal engagement and responsible research. This event was organized by the University of Paris 8, the University of Konstanz, and the University of Roskilde.
This session consisted of two days full of exchanges, presentations, workshops and… moments of friendliness and fun!
This event gathered researchers from all the ERUA universities and some researchers of some members-to-be as the SWPS (Poland) and the University of Macerata (Italy).The first day concentrated on the theme of collaborative research for social innovation. It explored the perspective of “Care”, encouraged the participants to exchange the best practices on collaborative research and assessed and advised the projects that emerged from the collaboration in Re: ERUA (CoopdeMasques et CoCult).
Later, the researchers addressed the issue of participatory and collaborative research according to interdisciplinary and intersectoral research approaches while exploring the new pathways of the European Commission in this sense.
The second day started with a question: Can we offer a different definition of « excellent » research?
Participants discussed how they could value different elements when defining research as « excellent,» i.e. societal impact, valuing the third mission, or encouraging the spread of scientific knowledge to society through open science tools.
Discussions will continue and will stimulate the strategies of our alliance in terms of research.
So stay tuned to keep abreast of developments, and do not hesitate to contact the Re: ERUA team to participate in online or in-person discussions on these topics!
Authors : Valeria Manzione and Cynthia Dahome Mork (Expert group Research Engagement)

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