Multilingualism: In Tandem Programs We Believe!
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The Paris 8 Language Center (CDL) and UKON’s Language Institute (SLI) have been actively collaborating this year to set up a tandem program so that P8 students in the Master of Humanities program can enhance their learning of English as a second language and French for students at UKON University. Since the UKON team has reliable expertise over time in tandems while the project manager has a keen interest in the field of language development, the pedagogical research and tandem project conducted by a P8 researcher and lecturer was implemented. Thus, a native speaker of French could collaborate with a native speaker of German who is very fluent in English- (most UKON-Tandem students have a C1&C2 level in English)- and wishes to improve his or her level of French. The tandem partnership is founded on the following principles: intercultural awareness, reciprocity and autonomy.

A memorable visit to UKON!

A delegation from the P8 Language Center visited the University of Konstanz as part of a didactic and pedagogical exchange on language learning as well as English for Specific Purposes. This exchange was organized and moderated by the UKON ERUA team in an innovative and enriching way, as the meetings throughout the week were mainly revolving around three initiatives
* Meetings and interactions with the actors of the Konstanz language institute (head of SLI, students, lecturers, administrative and technical staff)
* One-on-one interviews conducted with actors supervising other services that have an impact on the students’ life and academic progress at Konstanz.
* Didactic immersion in a research seminar, delivered by a lecturer from RUC University in English for students in psychology and social sciences within the Erasmus+ program.
This kind of cooperative exchange has allowed first of all the sharing of efficient practices to improve the students’ careers in the partner universities. It has also helped pave the way for closer collaboration on innovative pedagogical projects that would promote commitment and inclusiveness for all partner universities.



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