Joint Executive Committee

On April 04 and 05, 2022, a physical meeting of ERUA and RE-ERUA Executive Committee members was held at the Université Paris 8. It was the occasion of a much awaited first face-to-face meeting since the beginning of the initiative in November 2020 ! These meetings allowed to collectively address several crucial questions, notably regarding the assessment of the first 18 months of implementation of the ERUA project, the current and future ambitions of the European Commission with regard to higher education, the common vision and strategic objectives of the ERUA member universities for the next 5 years and the required coordination between all parts of this macro-project.

We are now halfway through the first three years of implementation of the ERUA initiative. At a time when the European alliances are being asked to position themselves on a potential opening to new members and on a possible evolution towards a recognized legal status, the discussions that took place during these meetings legitimately revolved around the reaffirmation of ERUA’s identity and its reformist character, the need for committed, participatory and flexible governance, the importance of interconnection between member universities and the interest of a wider opening to actors outside the academic world.

This fruitful and enriching meeting gave us the motivation to continue together in our ambitious mission to propose a reformist model led by experimentation. Join us to continue this journey and shape Higher Education together!

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