Rhetoric and Debate

The course aims to provide basic knowledge of rhetoric and to develop skills for speaking in public and conducting debates. The focus is on the speaker and the rhetorical situation. The appeals of ethos, logos and pathos are examined thoroughly. A number of speeches delivered by prominent speakers are analyzed while preparing students to perform […]

Introduction to Language Structure

The course presents basic information about the structure of the natural language, which will be the basis for easier learning and comparison of the languages ​​studied in the program, to establish the levels of asymmetry in translation. Duration: 2 days, 3 academic hours each day

Structural and Corpus Linguistics​

Corpus linguistics is a methodology that involves computer-based empirical analyses (both quantitative and qualitative) of language use by employing large, electronically available collections of naturally occurring spoken and written texts, so-called corpora. Corpus-based studies and other empirical research have shown that speakers’ intuitions oftentimes provide only limited access to the open-ended nature of language, which […]

Cultural history of Canada​

The course presents major socio-political and historical phenomena and institutions in order to adequately interpret the dominant values ​​in contemporary Canadian society. Duration: 2 days, 3 academic hours each day

North America – history, culture, society​

The course builds a cognitive basis for creating the ability of students to understand the historical development of the studied countries as part of the development of culture locally, regionally and globally. Methods are used for modern reading of history in comparison with the native history, whose understanding and creative application is an integral part […]

Academic skills in English​

This is a course that introduces students to the language, requirements and atmosphere of the university environment, through real-life academic tasks. Based on the good knowledge and skills of students in English for general purposes, it helps to understand the main differences between the language for general purposes and the language for academic communication and […]

Leadership Behavior​

The aim of the course is for students to acquire in-depth knowledge of – and master the basic skills related to – exercising leadership in various situations. Additional Information: Link Duration: 2 days, 3 academic hours each day

Political science​

The course presents to students the whole framework of political science. The focus falls on the works of political scientists starting from ancient to modern times, as well as on the major concepts in politics in general and the challenges before their modern application and understanding. The aim of the course is to build sound […]

Culture and semiotics

The course “Culture and Semiotics” provides an in-depth introduction to the most established contributions of semiotics, revealing the mechanisms of modern highly communicative culture. The material is presented systematically, but in a fun way, the applied aspects of the theory are emphasized, numerous video and multimedia examples are used to illustrate the usefulness of the […]