E-textile et pratiques artistiques numériques

This workshop-laboratory offers an introduction to the basics of textile creation and electronics, and training in e-textile and associated technologies, by creating an artistic object for a public exhibition.

Its objective is to discover an emerging field that falls within the field of digital humanities. The smart textile here becomes a sensor (of pollution level, ambient noise, distance, brightness, wearer movements, etc.), display (luminous, polychromatic, sound, etc.), and effector (motor, communication, deformation, …).

This year, the focus will be on optical fiber. This material which looks like a thread the thickness of a hair, can be sewn, embroidered, knitted … in an existing fabric, or can be used alone to create a 100% optical fiber “fabric” by weaving , carding, etc. We can then see the light circulating in the fiber. See the bibliography section for the website of the artists who will accompany us this year.

An exhibition of the projects and a meeting with the public is planned at the Center des Arts in Enghien les Bains, just before the Biennale des Bains Numériques (internationally renowned biennial of digital arts).

Prerequisites: open to students of all disciplines
Discipline: Arts and technology
Period: – Preparatory (online meeting) 19th november 2021
– Intensive course 10th-14th january 2022
– exposition (optional) 30th may-7th june 2022
Format: Blended
Number of ERUA Students: 10
Number of ETCS: 3
Language: French (possible interpretation in english)
Student Level: Master